5 Steps to Getting a Tattoo

images (4)When it comes to getting a tattoo you aren’t short of options. There are different ways of being tattooed, different styles, colours, designs and of course a vast abundance of artists to choose from. Finding the right artist for what you want is one of the most important things you could consider for a tattoo.

There are those who insist that a tattoo should have a special meaning to you personally; and of course in a way this does make sense, because if it has some important meaning in your life then you’re much less likely to ever regret having gotten the tattoo. However – they don’t need a meaning; if you want to get a big tribal tiger on your back you don’t have to make up some story about how it has some deep, personal meaning in your life in order to justify to the artist why he should give you that tattoo. He probably doesn’t care, it’s your body and your choice.

There are times when an artist might turn you away, but in most cases

Flower Tattoos – Are You Considering a Flower Tattoo Design?

images (3)Flowers grow free around the world for all to see. It is no wonder that flower tattoos have been worn for nearly as long as the art of tattoo has existed. The rich diversity of modern America, combined with great technological advances in tattoo equipment only seems to further fortify our love for Flowers. People everywhere are attracted to their beauty, and the variety of different kinds to choose from.

When you are thinking about different options for your flower, do not limit yourself without considering all of your options. Flowers are among the most popular tattoo designs in the world for a variety of reasons, and understanding exactly what may be attracting you to the idea of a flower can help you pick the perfect one for you, and for your body.

Attractive flower tattoos are largely attractive because of the way they fit their location. One of the reasons that so many people admire flower tattoos on others is because a well placed flower can emphasize attractive things about that part of the body while complementing and

Important Considerations When Buying A Tattoo Machine

images (2)If you want to open a tattoo studio or if your tattoo business is growing and there is need to renovate, then high quality reliable equipment is a must. Only well-equipped tattoo artists are able to deliver amazing results and maintain customers and the tattoo machine is among the items that you must have if you are a serious skilled artist. There are different types of tattoo machines with the most common being a rotary, coil and pneumatic tattoo machine.

They come with pros and cons with regards to costs, operation, maintenance and power requirements. Before anything else, you should make comparisons and then decide what type you find most suitable for your business. After making this important decision, you can then go ahead and look at other important factors so you can get the best tattoo machine in the end.

Condition – The condition of the tattoo machine should always matter because you really do not want to buy a unit that has damaged and worn parts. Those that are in good condition will perform better and safely

Legends and Mythology of the Dreamcatcher Tattoos

A dreamcatcher was a mesh that was artfully constructed by the Native American Culture. This mesh was believed to shoo away bad dreams and let you keep only the good ones. This mesh has been adapted into various tattoo designs that are believed to perform the same function. Read on to find out the mythology of these amazing tattoos.

As indicated, the dreamcatcher was started in the Native American Culture. The Anishinabe people created the device and indicated its purpose. These people lived at the border between the North Central U.S.A. and Canada. Anishinabe means “original people”. In America, they were also known as the Chippewa people while in Canada, they were also known as the Ojibwe people.

The dreamcatcher evolved from an object to a tattoo. The Native Americans held tattooing as an important part of their culture. It was viewed as a rite and a cultural activity. The dreamcatcher tattoo design is one of the most popular designs that the Native Americans and other people choose for their tattoos. It can be monochromatic or feature many attractive colors on it. Made up of a circle with beautiful patterns in it, the dreamcatcher is an

The Dragon Mythology and Why the Tattoos Are So Poplar in the East

Dragon Mythology

No one knows precisely when human beings started applying body tattoos, but all historical evidence show that this form of art is almost as old as human civilization. Historians have also proposed that it is one of the earliest forms of art. If you think of tattoos, then one of the pictures that come to your mind is probably a dragon tattoo. Despite being very attractive, this tattoo is also one of the most widespread as it can be found in most cultures from East to West.

To understand why these tattoos are so popular, it would be significant first to comprehend the mythology behind the creature that forms the subject of this tattoo. A dragon has many definitions, but the Standard English dictionary defines it as a giant mythical and scaly serpent that usually has a crested head and also giant claws.

The dragon is represented differently in different cultures for example in the west it is described as a giant winged reptile that breathes fire. There are many mythical creatures across different cultures but very few if at all any can be found in as many cultures as the dragoon.

Caring For Your Tattoo

Most people get excited when getting tattoos done that they can hardly wait for the end results. They give attention to choosing the best artwork for their tattoos, choosing the size, the colors and the shape to ensure that the tattoo comes out as they desire at the end of it all. The most important thing to remember however is how to care for it after it has been done. Neglecting it puts you at risk of getting infections and there are possibilities it will not heal well, hence the end results won’t be as desirable.

1. If you are getting the artwork done for you by a professional, then you should be guided on how to care for it until it heals properly. There are a few basics you can follow to allow proper healing.

2. Let the bandage stay on the tattoo for several hours after it is finished. Your artist will most probably tell you how long you should leave it, covering it to take care of any blood or goop common with fresh tattoos.

3. Use mild unscented antibacterial soap to wash it several times during the day to keep infections

The Exquisite Sunflower Tattoo: Sunlight on Your Skin

Although most people will often choose a tattoo for its aesthetic appearance, there is a story behind every tattoo. This story is what makes the wearer get that tattoo so that they can have something to remember that particular thing for eternity. Sunflower tattoos just like any other tattoo come in different types and designs. The meanings of these tattoos are also as many as the designs if not more. Knowing the various meanings associated with this tattoo will help you decide whether to get one or not.

Sunflowers are a symbol of the wearer’s personality and those who choose to have a sunflower tattoo over the many other designs available what to show their optimism in life. People with this type of tattoo are thought to be jovial, bright and adaptable. These people believe in living life to the fullest and always being as happy as the sunflower. People with this tattoo are also thought to be down to earth and will stay connected to their roots even if they come across immense success or wealth.

The sunflower is known to be a symbol of constancy, and so it can be used to show things

Cultural and Religious Beliefs of the Hamsa Tattoo

The Hamsa tattoo is beautifully rich in design and includes cultural and traditional values. The style of the tattoo depicts a hand with a symbol on the palm, which is often an eye, and can represent confidence, bravery, or protection. The Hamsa design has religious meaning in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Even though it is accepted for different reasons, the tattoo design is chosen for its ability to provide protection and safety across the different religions. The design of the Hamsa can be inked with all fingers together which means good luck, while the design with fingers apart is more directed at providing a symbol to provide protection from evil.

Hamsa symbol for different religions


In Islam the five-finger design is intended to signify the Five Pillars of Islam, which includes: Hajj (visit Mecca at least once by anyone financially and physically able to complete the journey), Salat (pray 5 times daily), Sawm (self-control throughout Ramadan), Shahadah (accepting Muhammad as God’s prophet) and Zakat (give to the needy). Also, the Hamsa is known by the name Hand of Fatima, which is intended to honor Muhammad’s daughter Fatima Zahra.


For those with

Roman Numeral Tattoos

Roman numeral tattoos are trending presently and a number of celebrities are actually sporting the tattoos. They are popularly used to represent favorite individual numbers or to depict dates that are of relevance to the individual sporting the tattoo including wedding dates and birth dates. The best thing about the tattoos is that they can be very mysterious to others making you stand out because nobody knows the meaning of the tattoo that you have on given occasions. They can be done in different sizes and font styles to match your preferences.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas

You can definitely choose any numeral that you would like to be tattooed on you, but you can consider ensuring that it is a number that is significant to you. Also important to consider is where you want to have the tattoo displayed, design or layout as well as the maintenance requirements of the tattoo.

Some great ideas you can use when choosing the numerals are your birthday, birthday of a special person to you, your children’s birth dates, wedding dates, a favorite number, death date of a loved one or even a jersey number of your favorite player.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Glitter

Tattoos for Happiness

Life is not black or white. It’s not Grey or muddy. We keep on adding attractive and bright colors, to get a positive and happy feeling. Nobody wants a plain Jane or jack nowadays, and this is why the craze for carving amazing temporary tattoos with temporary tattoo stencils is swarming among the young and old. Kids from age 10 to teens of 18, are decorating their arms and bodies, with colorful blotting ink of temporary tattoo stencils and are showing of their personality. Buying the temporary tattoo stencils is not easy. You have to check on their ingredient, approval from FDA, and whether your specialist recommends it for your skin. But keeping the worries aside, let us look at the type of temporary tattoo stencils and how they help in decorating your persona.

Stencils To sum up Beauty

Try buying the triple layered temporary tattoo stencil. They have an affordable quality, and their ingredients are also well-checked by the manufacturers. You can buy them at bulk or in packs of 20 or 50, and create mind-blowing designs of zodiac signs, henna, Chinese symbols, funny quotes or a sketch of your

Why Use A Tattoo Aftercare Cream?

A fresh new tattoo can be exciting, but you can determine the end results depending on the care that you accord to the tattoo. It is one thing to find a great artist to do your tattoo and quite another if you do not play your role in getting the perfect tattoo. Caring for your artwork is very important considering that your skin is wounded and is therefore exposed to infections and other skin problems. Poor after care could turn a beautiful tattoo into a disaster and you therefore need to ensure that you get the best of it.

The first thing you should make sure you do is to listen to, care guidelines that you get from your artist. Just like you, the artist’s wish is to have a well healed art on your body and therefore you can expect only the most valuable advice on caring for the tattoo after it is done. The care guidelines can differ from one artist to another or from one tattoo to another, so be sure that you listen carefully to what you are advised to do. A tattoo aftercare cream can be among the things you are asked

Fashion Style – All About Mehndi Designs

If you ever attend an Indian wedding then you might notice the beautiful tattoos adorning the bride’s hands. These intricate and often floral motifs are part of the Indian culture that symbolize joy, good luck, health and positive vibes and are popularly known as “mehndi” or “henna” in Western countries. The henna paste used comes from natural Hawsonia shrubs. The twigs and leaves are ground to make fine powder which are then mixed with water to form the paste. Today, the mehndi designs are no longer exclusively done for weddings or festivals as one can have it done even without an occasion.

Mehndi Design Types

The motifs and designs of the Mehndi differ depending on a person’s cultural background. The oldest form of Mehndi is the Mughlai design which is distinct among other types as every single curl pattern and dot is emphasized boldly. Every design is meticulous and neatly done showcasing the pattern in a distinctive manner.

An Indian design for example can be easily identified by its complex patterns of flowers, curls, curves with the figure of a peacock or a big dot in the center of the palm. The person’s fingertips are

Shake Them Off: Common False Impressions About People With Tattoos

So, you plan to have a tattoo. For you, it’s a great way to express yourself, and it’s a tool to convey how you feel. But then, you’re somehow hesitant to have even just a single piece of body art on your skin due to some false impressions that you might give the people around you. Well, it’s understandable. Even your loved ones might have some negative reactions. They might actually be the first ones to object. But, do you really want to “get painted”? If so, then prepare to be judged. Below are some false impressions or sort of judgments that you might probably receive once you get tattooed:

• You’re a weirdo.

Not all people would love to have pieces of art drawn on their bodies; hence the impression. This is especially true if you choose designs and colors that many don’t appreciate. If people see some “unusual things” on your body, they might quickly judge you as someone who has an equally unusual personality.

• You opt for an unconventional lifestyle.

Because people around you think you’re a weirdo and something “abnormal” is going on in your head, they might also

The Safest Way Of Tattoo Removal

People opt for various types of ways to express their emotions. Some choose to communicate, others choose art and some go for writing their views. One of the several ways to express one particular’s thoughts which have been around for hundreds of years is body artwork, notably the tattoos. Although the procedures have refined significantly in different time periods, the basic principle of tattooing still remains the same.

For many people, tattooing is a way to precise their thought, beliefs and philosophies. Other folks choose tattoos to display some important occasion of their lives or to pay homage to a loved one. Other people choose tattoos just to look cool or to fit in their friends’ circle.

Whilst numerous people all over the globe proceed to get tattoos, a significant range of them want to eliminate their existing tattoos for personal reasons. Laser tattoo removal is the best selection for this objective and it is way ahead of other conventional methods. Let’s take a look at the reasons which make tattoo removal a better option than other methods.

  • Why You Should Choose Laser Tattoo Removal?

You will come across many types of tattoo removal

Before You Get A Tattoo – The Dos

Tattoos are used to express feelings or personalities and they really are a matter of individual preferences. Whereas there are people who find tattoos inappropriate, others will get a tattoo done every chance they get. If you fall in the category of those that just love tattoos and you want to have one done, there are things you must remember to do to get the best and to have the best experience possible.

Do your research

The last thing you want to do is settle for just any tattoo designer you come across. It is your body that is going to be tattooed and you therefore you want to make sure that you get a designer who knows what he is doing and has what it takes to get you the perfect tattoo. You do not want to end up with a poorly done permanent tattoo hence the need to ensure that you conduct a research to get yourself the best designer you can find. There is also the possibility of designers specializing in specific tattoos so be sure that your designer can handle the type or kind of tattoo you have in mind.

Permanent Vs Temporary Tattoos – Which Is Best For You?

The tattoo trend is still very much in fashion these days. While a few individuals want to ink their body permanently, others think having the same tattoo on their body for whatever remains of the life is never a sensible choice, so they rather go for temporary ones. In specialized terms, tattooing is a sort of pigment implantation process.

In general, there are two methods of this pigment implantation:

    • Permanent: Needless to say, these kinds of body art are permanent in nature. Sure with aging, they slowly fade, but they will never be entirely gone unless you conduct any treatments. Laser treatment is an option that you can use to remove these pigments from your skin. But the pain associated with this process is excruciating in addition to being extremely expensive. More often than not, the cost of removing these pigments far exceeds the cost of applying them. So it’s important to think it through before applying them.

  • Temporary: This kind is anything but its permanent counterparts. The pigment is applied only to the outer layers of the skin so that only the epidermis gets colored. But as you lose your skin cells,

5 Risks Involved With Permanent Tattoos

These days it seems that the youth is fanatic about inking themselves. Tattoos predominantly have been there for years now but it’s only now that people have become more interested in it. Movies have had an influence over it because we have all seen famous celebrities and sportspersons getting inked at some parts of their body.

But it’s not all hunky and dory when it comes to body art. Permanent tattoos are good but it’s not like that they don’t have any cons. IF you are thinking of getting one; there are certain things to know. The risks involved are:-

  • Infection: More often than not, this is the reason why some people refrain from getting inked. Diseases such as Hepatitis are spread through needles that are unsterilized. Precisely for this reason, the needles, as well as the equipments holding them, should be cleaned and sterilised properly. Also, the area of your body where you are getting inked should be protected for at least a week.
  • Removal: There can come a time when you want to remove the inks from your body but that can be painful. Removing them is a painstaking process involving several kinds of laser

How Did Tattoos Start? Was It Always So Popular?

Tattoos, everyone has their own perspective of seeing it. Some people like it while some don’t, and it’s completely understandable because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. A few decades ago, this kind of body art was accepted in the society, and those who actually did it were considered a rebel. But these days, the society has become much more liberal towards it, but there are still many people who frown upon the idea of getting inked permanently.


What most people are not aware of is the fact that the word “tattoo” is a derivation of the Tahitian word “tatu” which means to mark something. Wondering where did it all start? Well, have you heard about the infamous “Iceman” that were found 1991? He was the first individual who had his body inked in 58 different places. Several researches including carbon dating have proved that he was 5300 years old. So, it’s pretty evident that body art is not a modern creation by any means; it existed thousands of years ago.


Ancient cultures dating back thousands of years used body art to ward off diseases. Using of needles to ink the body

8 Perfect Spots To Hide Small Tattoos

People get tattoos for different reasons. There are people who go for large visible tattoos to make a statement or show off their personalities and styles. If you are among those that get the tattoos for personal reasons or for someone special only, then you will want to find a hidden spot to serve your needs. It would also be important to choose a hidden place if you need to keep it away from the public eye at given time. Luckily, there are so many placement areas that make it possible for you to get a valuable tattoo, but keep it hidden like you desire.

1. Inner wrist – It is one of the most popular areas and makes an amazing spot for small tattoos and words. You can easily keep it hidden with a bracelet or watch and you are good to go.

2. Ankle – It is among the least painful areas to tattoo and you can consider it if you want to avoid the pain and also have an easy time hiding the tattoo. The spot happens to be very feminine and you can use high top shoes to cover it up whenever

Simple Ways Of Reducing Wrist Tattoo Pain

Wrist tattoos are very beautiful and they can leave you looking stylish and unique. The inner wrist happens to be a common spot for the placement. This area is however very sensitive and can be painful when getting the inking done and after the tattoo placement is complete. Wrist pain that is severe can make it hard for you to normal tasks done and you would need to come up with ways of reducing the pain. You are supposed to make minimal disturbance to the tattoo after it has been placed so ensure that you remain gentle even when trying to alleviate the pain. Below are simple methods of reducing the pain associated with wrist tattoos.

1. Clean your tattoo properly

You will get cleaning advice from your tattoo artist and you should follow as guided. Hygiene is very important if at all you are to keep infections at bay as the wound heals. It is recommended that you use non-exfoliating bar soap with mild warm water if you have severe wrist pain. The cleaning should be done after the bandage has been removed. It is advisable to thoroughly wash the wrist before and also after